The American Distance Education Consortium consists of three committees:

  • Collaboration & Diversity Committee
  • Best Practices Committee
  • Outreach & Marketing Committee

Each committee focuses solely on the core concepts of ADEC’s mission to build a diverse global network of subject-matter experts in distance and online education. Individuals of ADEC member institutions are encouraged to participate on a committee and be part of advancing the overall ADEC agenda . Feel free to contact the Committee Chairs for more information and if interested in joining, please send your inquiry to the appropriate committee email address listed below.

Mission for the Collaboration & Diversity Committee

The committee on collaboration and diversity serves members by fostering increased engagement between diverse member institutions. ADEC offers members a platform to expand and collaborate on both a national and international level for shared course and program development.

Many major institutions are increasing their performance metric for diversity goals. ADEC’s experience with distance education has a track record of attracting between 20-60% minorities. For example, ADEC’s long standing relationship with HBCU schools can be leveraged for both online and on-campus programs.


Collaboration & Diversity Committee

Mission for the Best Practices Committee

The mission of the committee on best practices is to develop evolving recommendations for online education to further program refinement and sustainability. The committee seeks to establish ADEC as the primary venue for discussions around best practices for online and distance education, including (but not limited to):

  • Development of quality instructional content
  • Instructional design
  • Deployment of educational technology for online and distance learning
  • Student and faculty support services
  • Instructor/faculty development
  • Intra- and inter-institutional collaborations


Best Practices Committee

Mission for the Outreach & Marketing Committee

The committee on outreach and marketing serves members by actively working to expand the consortium and increase the diversity of thought and experiences in distance and online education. Committee members seek to create new and unique revenue-generating products for the consortium as well as new forums within ADEC to share marketing best practices. ADEC is also in a partnership with Apollidon Learning LLC, which offers opportunities to help member universities grow student enrollments in online and hybrid programs.


Outreach & Marketing Committee
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