Becoming a Member

ADEC is an academic forum that promotes diversity, collaboration, marketing techniques, and the advancement of distance learning and online education. Innovations in online program development is a major force in shaping the future of global education.

ADEC’s annual fee is $2,500 per university. While some organizations charge their members for every campus, ADEC’s yearly fee covers ALL campuses within your institution.

What you can expect from ADEC as a member:

  • Network with global leaders: Experience the opportunity to work and collaborate with the global leaders in the field of online education.

  • Open forum of knowledge: Successes and failures in the development and delivery of quality online programs are shared in an open forum between members.

  • Best practices in online education: Learn about the various challenges and solutions for course development, student support, budgeting, and marketing online programs.

  • Expand international engagement: Open doors for your program to collaborate with international academic institutions, making learning truly global.

  • Proven marketing strategies: Get exclusive access to a unique collaborative agreement with Apollidon Learning LLC, a marketing company who specializes in the development, sustainability, and growth of online higher education programs.

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